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Redefining Rehabilitation™

The MGRM Group was founded with an all-encompassing vision of "Ultimate Rehabilitation ". Our vision focuses on the evolution of an individual person into a complete personality encompassing all dimensions; physical, psychological, and social.

Through our motto "Redefining Rehabilitation", MGRM Medicare introduced the concept of Splints and braces in India and other South Asian countries over 30 years ago with our ‘Bandage to Splintage™’ line. We believe that physical rehabilitation is the first step towards complete well-being. With a healthy body, psychological and social rehabilitation can become achievable goals.

MGRM products adhere to international standards and are of the highest quality. These products have been designed after thorough research to ensure the highest level of effectiveness and satisfaction. We solicit support from the medical fraternity to ensure that MGRM products are available to all those who need them. MGRM aims to make continuous efforts towards the introduction of new products based on medical research and demand, and we value all of your support in achieving this goal.