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Our History

MGRM Medicare Private Limited: Who We Are

With an objective to provide support in the multifarious process of physical Rehabilitation , MGRM Medicare Private Limited was established in 1994.

We are India’s leading medical technology company that manufacture, market and distribute a variety of products and services under the auspices of patented concepts namely Bandage to Splintage, First Aid to All Aid, Playing to Play Safe and Cure to Care. MGRM Medicare, MGRM Group’s flagship company, has been at the forefront of the physical rehabilitation revolution in India and the South Asian region and has transformed the physical rehabilitation sector with its high quality products and services built on the proprietary MTCP Technology.

MGRM’s multi-domain holistic medical technologies integrate different schools of medicine, to prevent and rehabilitate physical illnesses linked with psychological and social rehabilitation of the individual. Integrating the various schools of thoughts of medicine onto one platform is vital for proper patient care and all products are developed with integrated end services in mind along the lines of Ultimate Rehabilitation.

In the 1980s, the concept of rehabilitation and, in particular, physical rehabilitation was rudimentary (less than 1 percent) when compared to developed, industrialized nations. The availability of rehabilitation products and services were scanty, and limited to big hospitals in the big metros. Doctors were unable to prescribe the right rehabilitation products because of unaffordability of importing such products. The suffering patients were left to the mercy of friends and relatives who may have rendered helping hands by sending rehabilitation products that were available in the West. Sometimes, even these would arrive belatedly.

A decade later the demand for quality healthcare grew due to the government’s healthcare policy and upcoming state and private healthcare facilities with advanced studies in medicine. A small, unorganized sector came up in India, where small companies, restricted to local areas, supplied poorly designed rehabilitation products such as soft collars, back belts and abdominal binders. However, the concept of trauma and critical care for injured/ diseased patients had begun to came up for discussion in medical forums in major cities in India. In the first International Conference on Trauma and Critical Care in India (in 1996 in New Delhi), MGRM introduced a wide range of physical rehabilitation Splints and aids, hitherto seen only in international medical books and research journals. This extensive range was launched to serve mankind by easing physical suffering caused by:

  • TRAUMA, due to accidents, disasters, incidents, sports and recreational arts, wounds, burns, Fractures and dislocations, spinal and nerve injuries.
  • DISORDERS Spondylosis, Repetitive Strain Disorders (like Carpal Tunnel Syndrome , Plantar Fasciitis) Low Back Pain
  • DISEASES Rheumatoid Arthritis Osteoporosis Spasticity (Cerebral Palsy)

Our comprehensive rehabilitation program encompasses the complete Human Life Cycle. We have mapped the genetic and hereditary problems, diseases and injuries that can affect an individual during the various stages of the human life cycle and provide the complete rehabilitation protocol for each of these stages. We believe that ‘prevention is better than the cure’ and that post-treatment care is very important for a better rehabilitation outcome. Keeping these dual objectives in mind, we have established the four-stage rehabilitation approach for concept development. This approach has led to the designing and manufacturing of physical rehabilitation products/ services along four distinct lines of:

  • Preventive Care
  • Pre-Treatment Care
  • Treatment Care
  • Post-Treatment Care