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Bandage To Splintage™

Under the patented concept Bandage To Splintage™, MGRM manufactures and markets physical Rehabilitation Splints and aids, providing a complete suite of products for preventive, emergency, pre-treatment, treatment and post treatment patient care. The revolutionary Bandage To Splintage™ concept is the culmination of a few decades of rehabilitation research in disorders, diseases and common injuries that affect people at different stages in their lives. The products are scientifically and medically designed to limit harmful and dangerous movement during soft tissue injuries, allowing for rapid healing of damaged tissues and significant reduction for any chance of residual problems such as joint pain, clicking sounds, and limitation of movement.

Static Splints
These splints are preset to a defined angle or shape, with limited flexibility, and provide support such as immobilizing a wrist or a knee.

Dynamic Splints
These splints are provisioned with adjustable mechanisms and enable flexibility in a single plane of movement. For example, if a finger is bent it needs to be straightened. To achieve this, gradual load needs to be applied over a period of time to straighten the finger. A dynamic splint allows for this gradual adjustment to take place. It provides strength to weakened muscles and improves functional mobility.

Traction Splints
These splints are used to relieve pain associated with muscle spasm, surgery, Whiplash Injury , lower back pain and so forth.

MRange - Range of Motion Splints
These splints address the need for support or immobilization of a sprained / fractured knee, shoulder or elbow.