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We at MGRM understand that Rehabilitation requires a unique approach. In order to maintain a firm foundation for our product development and marketing strategies, we have divided the Human Life Cycle (HLC) into 6 stages -

  • Neonatal stage (the first three weeks),
  • Infancy (one to twelve months),
  • Childhood and Juvenile (2 to 14 years),
  • Adolescence stage (15 - 24 years),
  • Adulthood (25 - 60 years) and
  • Old Age / Geriatric (61 and above)

With 30 years of research and development efforts across the globe, we have developed a vast expertise on the correlation of each stage in an individual’s life cycle to an occurrence of a physical ailment. Symptoms of a physical disease/ Injury /handicap at one stage can impact an individual in all subsequent stages along the HLC. Understanding the relationship of the disease, injury or handicap across the HLC is vital for not only product development but also for individual care. This has been one of the major underlying principles for product development at MGRM Medicare.