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Client Testimonials

"I find the Ortho-care products from MGRM are versatile, light and user friendly."
Dr P K Dave, Professor of Orthopedics
Director, All India Institute of Medical Sciences, New Delhi

"I am very impressed that MGRM has brought quality orthocare products at affordable prices. I strongly feel that these are very useful for regular as well as emergency care of patients."
Dr L C Gupta, Director (Medical)
Border Security Force (BSF), New Delhi

"I have been using MGRM products for the last 3 years. I was impressed by MGRM’s Cervical Collars for Cervical Spine Injury pre and post operatively. It is also priced very low and these collars were not available in India. I am also impressed by their other products as Knee support, ankle support, Industrial back supports and shoulder supports. Large number of patients will be benefited…"
Dr K S Rao, M.S. (Ortho) DO, Director/Consultant
Central Institute of Orthopedics, Sajdarjung Hospital, New Delhi

"Excellent orthopedic supports of MGRM meet most of our clinical requirements for treating ortho-patients with musculo-skeletal injuries and disorders especially spondylosis."
Dr K K Saini, MBBS, MS Ortho
Director (Med), DG, Central Reserve Police Force, New Delhi

"MGRM's products are well taken in Armed Forces…"
Maj Gen B B Dutta, Addl DG (E&S)
DGAFMS, Ministry of Defense, New Delhi

"The cervical spine often needs immobilization for Neck Pain , cervical disc disease, cervical spinal trauma or after surgery on cervical spine. The Providence cervical collar by MGRM Medicare Private Limited provides adequate immobilization at all levels and with comfort – thereby increasing patient compliance."
Dr A K Singh, Professor, Department of Neurological Surgery
G B Pant Hospital, New Delhi

"As a critical care person attached to trauma hospitals, I strongly feel that Emergency Ambulance Services should carry MGRM collars especially ultimate collars…"
Dr P P Bose, MD, DTDC, DNB
Director, National Res. Inst. For Sleep and Chest Disorders, New Delhi

"Interesting products..."
Shri M Mohan Raj, Deputy Director (Trg),
Central Reserve Police Force, New Delhi

"Excellent products which are really worth the cost…"
Brig M A Tutakne, Director (Prov.)
DGAFMS, Ministry of Defense, New Delhi

"MGRM has an impressive range of quality orthopedic products at affordable costs. I personally found them best and upto the mark for emergency care patients."
Air Commodore N B Amaresh, VSM, MS FRACS, FICS
Cons. (Surgery and Pediatric Surgery), Army Hospital, Delhi Cantt, New Delhi

"I am convinced that these products will be a boon to the professional sportsperson and also to the occasional sportsman in preventing injuries as well as during Rehabilitation on the injured sportsperson."
Lt Col Dr B Bhalla, MBBS, DRM, DSM, MD
Commanding Officer, Sports Medicine Center, AMC Center & School, Lucknow, UP

"Very useful, handy and light…"
Shri Madangopal, Deputy Inspector General of Police, Bhopal, MP

"I am a practicing physiatrist for over a decade. I found MGRM’s Ortho products to be wonderful, reliable with advanced cost-effective technology in India, in the care of patients … a choice you can make with confidence."
Dr S L Yadav, AIIMS, Dept of Physical Medicine and Rehab
WHO Collaborating Center for Disability prevention and Rehab., South-East Asia Region

"MGRM's technically designed external appliances are useful tools now available indigenously for providing treatment facilities for ortho, neuro, burns and plastic surgery. The provision is an asset to the medical fraternity."
Dr (Brig) P N Bhatt, MBBS (AIIMS) DA, MD, MNAMS
Cons. of Anaes. & Intensive Care, VIMHANS, New Delhi

"I have been using MGRM’s ortho appliances, especially their innovative finger Splints to treat my patients every day. I personally found them best…"
Dr Abhijit Dey, MBBS (AIIMS), M S Ortho (AIIMS)
Cons. Ortho Surgeon and Traumatologist, "Orthonova", New Delhi

"The equipments for cervical dislocations and Fractures are superb…"
Prof A Rudra, President ISA, Kolkata, West Bengal

"Excellent products…"
Wg Cdr Dr P K Khurana
Air Force Hospital, HINDAN, Ghaziabad, UP

"I am highly impressed with MGRM products. In physiotherapy their innovative products can be very useful. It has a good quality too…"
Dr Seema Grover, Head of Physiotherapy Dept
Batra Hospital, New Delhi

"As a general physician, I am very impressed with MGRM’s excellent range of preventive care products, which have become a part of my clinical treatment. I strongly recommend MGRM’s back supports for patients with back pain due to improper postures during day-to-day activities."
Visiting Consultant, Family Physician, New Delhi

"I found MGRM’s abdominal binders, with soft elastic and flexible supports, very effective in strengthening and supporting weak and sagging abdominal muscles of my patients after child birth and surgery…"
Dr (Mrs) Sitalaxami, MBBS, MD, DGO
Gynaecologist, Central Reserve Police Force, New Dlehi

"Happy to see the improved gadgets in orthopedics…"
Dr P K Radha Krishna Pillai, Rohini, Thiruvananthapuram, Kerala

"Nice to see MGRM’s range of orthopedic products specially cervical collars, back belts and specialty splints that are essential for effective patient care…"
Dr P Koushal, CMO Base Hospital
Central Reserve Police Force, New Delhi

"The splints are going to revolutionize orthopedic practice in a big way…"
Col C P Soni, Commandant
Army Hospital, Bhopal, Madhya Pradesh

"… will fill the dearth of availability of distal splints."
Dr Keba Paulraj, Cons. Incharge
Apollo Hospitals, Chennai, Tamil Nadu

"I have found MGRM splints, wrists supports, back belts and wraps very effective in relieving pain and discomfort due to excessive use of upper and lower extremities during day to day activities. I strongly recommend some of MGRM’s products for preventive care of my patients in home and work environments."
Dr Sudhir Seth, MBBS, MS Ortho, DNB Ortho, FICS (USA), Cons. Ortho Surgeon & Traumatologist,
Ortho Cura Spring Meadows, Orthonova & Lions Hospital, New Delhi

"I was quite relieved from my chronic back pain after using MGRM’s Lumbar Support … Now I tell my friends and colleagues who have similar problems to go for MGRM’s products."
Shri Supriyo Das, Regional Manager (North)
Krishna Vinyl Ltd, New Delhi

"MGRM is making comfortable, acceptable neck collars. Patients like it…"
Dr Sneh Gadhoke, MD (Med), MANMS, DM (Cardi)
Sr Cons. Cardiologist and Physician, Moolchand K R Hospital, New Delhi