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MGRM Timelines




  • Research on the medical scenario (in hospitals, clinics, distribution networks) in Indian and third world countries


  • Research on global rehabilitative products.

  • Market research for products.

  • Introduced the concept of Splints to Doctors of different Medical Disciplines including Dr Anil K Singh and his neurosurgery team at the renowned G B Pant Hospital, New Delhi, INDIA.

  • End of 1994 MGRM Medicare incorporated.

  • 1995 - Manufacturing started.

  • 1995 - Created awareness to key doctors in hospitals, institutions such as the Army, Railways, Sports Authority and others.

  • 1996-97 - Patent Registration.

  • 1997 - First US FDA Registration.

  • Human Life Cycle approach to Rehabilitation developed 2000s.

  • Research on healthcare (Medicare, Medicaid etc) and insurance systems of advanced, developing and under-developing countries.

  • MGRM Physical Rehabilitation Splints got registered with PVMS numbers at Indian Armed Forces Medical Services Department (AFMSD).

  • 2007: Invitation to be an Expert Member in the National Disaster Management Authority (NDMA) of India.

  • 2007: Thusane approaches MGRM.

  • 2007-08: Technopak, USA studies the Indian Rehabilitation Market for Thusane, France (independent study) and MGRM was found to have total national coverage, top brand recall and doctor preference.

  • 2008: Invitation to become a Steering Member in NDMA.

Research Timelines

  • 1991: Human Life Cycle approach to rehabilitation

  • 1994: Product research on cervical splints

  • 1995: Production process research and experimentation

  • 1996: Seven patents registered

  • 1997:Completion of raw material specification for MGRM range of products

  • 1997: MGRM’s Human Life Cycle Approach and research recognized by Johnson & Johnson

  • 1997: Presented research paper on Selection Criteria for Cervical Immobilization Devices at the 1st International Conference on Trauma and Critical Care

  • 1997: Presentation given to medical community on Affordable Critical Care.

  • 1997: Thirty patents registered

  • 1999: Introduction of Bandage To Splintage concept

  • 2001-06: Core research in Human Life Cycle Approach to disaster management

  • 2002: Post operative immobilization – Choice of Brace, How Long?

  • 2002: Rehabilitative concept # 2 identified

  • 2003: Forty five patents registered

  • 2003: Presentation given to the international medical fraternity on Lumbo-Sacral Spine – Infancy To Old Age: Infections and Tumors – External Orthoses

  • International presentation on Tuberculosis of the Spine – Management, Controversies and External Stabilization

  • 2004: Rehabilitative concept # 3 identified

  • 2005: Safety and Cost Management of Forearm Trauma Care – an overview

  • 2005: Rehabilitative concept # 4 and #5 identified

  • 2006: Twenty patents registered

  • 2006: Sports Medicine and Physic al Rehabilitation - a special, Medical Education Course conducted for General Physicians in Delhi

Product Timelines

  • 1991-97: Review and Analysis of rehabilitation concepts and products prevailing around the world

  • 1995: Production of MGRM’s Spondylosis Collar

  • 1995-98: Product launch of the first level of MGRM Cervical range of splints

  • 1996-98: Product launch of the first level of MGRM Back splints

  • 1999: Supplied emergency and critical care splints exclusively for a national cause during the Kargil War

  • 1995-2008: Supplied to several UN Peace Keeping Missions around the world

  • 2002: Product launch of MGRM Foot Orthoses

  • 2003: Introduction of ROM Range of Braces

  • 2004-05: Launch of Dynamic Finger Splints

  • 2004-06: Launch of Mobility Aids

  • 2002 onwards: Compliance with ISO 9001:2008, ISO 13485:2003, ISO 14001:2004, OHSAS 18001:2007 (by International Quality Certification Audit Agencies like KPMG, DNV and Moody International)

  • 2005: WHO GMP

  • 2005: Clearance of the Russian Clinical and Toxicological Test for MGRM product range

Market Research

  • 1991-94: Peak of global rehabilitation market research activity, which continues till date. More than 1200 companies studied worldwide

  • 1995-99: Conducted market research for four American countries

  • 1998: Chemist/dealer/distributor survey in the National Capital Territory that caters to 25 million population. Largest of its kind of survey ever undertaken, covering more than 2500 outlets

  • 2004: Creation of cost Comparison Matrix (USA)

  • 2007: Conventional and unconventional orthoses market in five states – Haryana, Punjab, Himachal Pradesh, Uttar Pradesh and Chandigarh